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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Developing Good Habits

Well its Saturday again and the week as gone by fast, at least for me. I did not really push my self to work out this week, okay, I should actually clear that up. I worked out this week however I did not push my self to do more then what I knew I could you find days that you feel like that to?

Last time I posted I talked about what activities burned the most calories. This week the topic is about Developing good habits that we already have. I have been doing a lot of searching on the net about what ideas and tips that would help to improve those habits that I already have and make them stick.
I first came across The Center of Medical weight loss and I really like what they had to say on developing good habits you already have. they had three things that they touched on. they are:
1. Goal Setting: Getting what you want out of life starts with identifying what that is. (to anwer that question for me that would be: being a healthier person).

 2. Taking the long view: Nothing worth having in life comes without hard work and commitment. (that is so true, I can't expect to get healthier with out going to the gym to work out and to watch what I eat) 
3. Tapping into your support system: Your family or friends who are there for you when you need them. use them to help you with your weight loss. They love you and want you to be happy. Let them support you.
Click here to See what Courtney Keckich, MD,  at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix has to say about weight loss. 

My starting weight: 290
Today's weight in: 274 (the last two weeks I gained my five pounds back so I had to lose the five pounds all over again to get back to 275, however I am glad to be 274)
Total amount lost: 16 pounds 

The Positive thinker, sees the invisible, feels the  intangible and achieves the impossible 
Question for the week: 
What good Habit are you going to work on and how is your weight loss going? 


Charlotte said...

Keeping the weight off is tough! I need to get out walking more! Hope you reach your goal.

Marie said...

walking is very important, its cold where I live so I am looking forward to warmer days so that I can go out in to the nature and walk around. best of luck Charlotte and let me know how your weight loss is going :)


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