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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing Madebycata with a Crochet flower Lid tutorial

Hi everybody!
 I’m Cata from madebycata, and I’m so excited to be Marie’s guest blogger! I feel so very honoured to be here and Marie’s invitation was such a surprise! You see, madebycata is only 2 months old! I started blogging because I wanted to record my little crafty projects and the idea of sharing them with the WWW was just pure awesome! But I actually didn’t really consider what would happen after that! All the comments, followers, it’s just SO amazing and lovely! I really do feel connected to people all around the world in this crafty-lovers-special-understanding way! I never anticipated any of this and I’m loving it! Ha! I didn’t even realize that I could see Stats on my blog!! Imagine my face when I saw the little peaks and bolt countries! What? All this people looking at my tiny blog!?? Madebycata is mainly about Crochet and all about beginners! I only started crocheting last summer and looking for crochet instructions+ideas on the Internet I found all this blogs and websites about handmade crafts! The inspiration is unlimited!! Lately I started venturing into the sewing world as well. Madebycata is also about baking, nice pictures, crafty/inspiring finds and the simple life of this Portuguese girl, married to a Spanish boy and their 2 Irish dogs! Please come check it out!
When Maria contacted me, she mentioned that she liked my pink box. So I’ve decided to make another box for her blog. I adore boxes and I really do believe that we can’t ever have enough of them! Making a crochet lid-cover for a box is really easy. All you have to do is choose a pattern that starts from the centre so you can keep going, around and around, until you have the size you need. The tricky part is when you want your cover to start curling in to make the sides of the lid. This is the way I found it works for me! Give it a go and after this I promise you, there won’t be a lid safe in your house!! Ha!
Crochet pattern inspired by Peach Rose square pattern in this Book

                                            Foundation ring:                                                 
Round 1: At the end join by slst into first sc
Round 2:
Still Round 2. At the end join by slst into 3rd of ch6.
At the end of round 2 you have 8 dc, each separated by ch3
Round 3: Ch1 and then start crocheting into the 3ch space to make the petals
Remember: [ ] means [in the same space or stitch]. Join with slst into first sc. Break off this colour.
              Round 4: Join new yarn between any 2 petals. 1sc in same place. To finish join with slst into1st sc.
              Round 5: ch1 and then follow the picture. Join with slst into 1st sc. Break off this colour.
Join new colour in 2nd dc of any petal. ch1+sc in same place. Follow the picture. Join with slst into 1st dc.
Round 7: Here is when you will turn your- until now- circular pattern into a square by adding corners to it.
Follow the pictures carefully.
Note! Your 1st sc is into the ch6 space
Still Round 7: Make the side and the next corner. Repeat all around.
At the end of round 7 you should have this! Join with slst into 3rd of 3ch.
Round 8: Start with ch3 (works as 1dc) and then 1dc ON TOP of the next 3 dc. The, [3dc,2ch,3dc] in the corner space, and again, 1dc ON TOP of next 4dc
Follow the picture for the side. Crochet all around.
At this point you have your basic square done! Hurray! From here you just need to add rows to make your cover fit your lid. See how my square is a tad smaller then my lid? I just added rows of 1dc,1ch,1dc,1ch...around and around. Note how I did [1dc,1ch,1dc] in the corner spaces.
When my cover was about the size of my lid it was time to start making the sides of the lid. For that you need to decrease so your square starts curling in. You achieve that by crocheting only 1dc at every corner space but also by NOT making some ch1 between your dc on the sides of the square. The amount of ch you WON'T make depends on your own square, lid, yarn, gauge, etc. I didn't do 3xch, evenly spaced, on every side of my square, on every row. Remember, the crochet police will not come in the middle of the night for you! You just have to do whatever you need for your cover to work.
Note! Every dc is made in the space between dc's of the row before.
Keep making sure your square is curling in nicely and check if it's nice and snug on the lid. Decrease less or more as needed. That's it! Your lid cover is done!
Edgings are so pretty and give a lovely finished effect! If you want to add my edging this is how it goes:
Ta-DAH!!! Hope you like your fabulous new box lid and, most important, hope you had fun making it!
Lots of Love, Cata************

Thank you so much for showing us all how to make an amazing lid cover for our box's. This Idea is so creative. If you have not had the chance to stop by her blog please do..she as amazing crochet project ideas and more. I am going to be looking for box's now so that I can start making this adorable crochet lid cover. :) 


Ripples In Water said...

Hi Cata! Your box top is totally cute and they way you put the stitches in the step-by-step pictures is so helpful!!

Thank-you Marie for having Cata as your guest blogger =D

Little Treasures said...

Wow! What a fabulous post! Love the crocheted square - it made the box really special!

Gigi Lee said...

Colors are great. I suppose to cover other shapes, like basic round, shall we cont' in the round and then add edging? I would appreciate your assistance . Thanks.


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