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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get up and Move

I did some research on activities and how many calories you can burn and this is what I find:

* Sleeping for an hour will use about 46 calories
* You use 84 calories per hour to read
* Grocery shopping with a cart can burn up to 260 calories an hour
* painting or wallpapering inside your home will use about 335 calories an hour.
* playing with children at children's games will require 300 to 375 calories an hour
* play volleyball for an hour and burn 600 calories

Activity Total Calories
Used Per Hour
Ballroom Dancing 125-310
Canoeing (slowly) 180-200
Cooking 185-200
Walking Slowly (2-1/2 mph) 210-230
Cleaning 235-355
Brisk Walking (4 mph) 250-345
Golf 300-350
Jogging (6 mph) 315-480
Cycling (9 mph) 315-480
Tennis 315-480
Skating 320-400
Gardening (heavy) 450-525
Basketball 480-625
Aerobic Dancing 480-625
Swimming 480-625
Cross Country Skiing 480-625

Wow! there is a reason why I love cooking, I am burning calories at the same time....
I am totally going to start picking up some new hobbies... What about YOU!

Starting weight: 290
today's weight In: 275
total weight lost: 15

I challenged myself to lose 15 pounds by Valentine's day and I made my goal today....I am way excited

My goal for this next week is to lose up to 4-5 pounds...I think I can do it....

Question of the Week:
What have you done differently this last week to help you lose the weight?
I hope you share with us your story.


crazymotheringchick said...

Go you! Good job! Good luck continuing.

ShannonH said...

CONGRATS!! So great to hear! This week we moved - that makes it a busy burning week, but now we're hoping to get a treadmill in our room and get using it! Thanks for the cal burn info - it makes me more motivated to get everything done - cooking, cleaning, playing with kids!

iram said...

well i have stopped to eat bread slices in break fast as each bread slice has 100 to 110 calories so 2 slices means 220 calories instead i have stared to use barley porridge that has only 50 calories in one prepared cup including skimmed milk and one small tea spoon of sugar

Marie said...

Thank you for sharing Iram, I wish you all the luck in the world on your weight loss. :)


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