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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas Memory

Its that Time of year again where you tie your apron strings and start mixing.

 It's a tradition in my family to make Cookies for the neighborhood,  I can't wait to start baking. My all time favorite Memory growing up around Christmas time was coming home on the last day of school for Christmas break and entering the house to the aroma of cookie's, all of us kids would try to at least sneak a cookie or two with out our mother knowing. however, some how she just knew. One time my mother was in the living room watching a movie with the rest of the family, I thought I was clever enough so I sneak into the kitchen quietly opening the cookie jar, reaching for the cookie when my mother who would still be in the living room with the family would yell  "Marie, put the cookie back", and of course like all children do, I replied " what Cookie" replacing the lid  on the jar and running out the back door with the cookie in my hand. oh, how many times I try to get a cookie, and on several try's I actually got away with it, however it did not always work. I asked my mother once how she knew that I was in the cookie jar when she was not in the room, she replied, "I'm a mother, I knew everything. as she smiled at me. "plus, I have a laser inside the cookie jar that silently goes off and only I can here it, so that's how I know". of course I did not believe her however it was a good answer.

What's your Favorite Christmas Memory?

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the Marvelous Mrs. M said...

That's such a sweet memory, Marie, you're mom was a funny lady :)
My favorite Christmas cookies are gingerbread. I love the smell of the cookies as they bake and I found a recipe about five years ago that I really love. I like to give them the Christmas red and green mint M&Ms for buttons. But I've been having a hard time finding the mint M&Ms this year in the stores. I haven't given up yet, but if I don't find them soon I guess I'll have to make them with plain M&Ms. I also love that Sally calls them "ginger boys" :)


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