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Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Life In Progress....

The last couple of months I have been busy with working on getting my C.N.A and I got it. I am so happy.
I also got my divorce which I had taken my time on getting it done (like three years) anyways that is
all over with and I am now a free women. so, now that I am out of limbo its now time to crack down on making improvements and getting things done in my life.
At the beginning of the Year I posted about my 2010 new year Resoluations and let me just say that I did get some of them done so I am happy about that. because in the past I have never really keeped with them.

No more excuses, I am going to buckle down and get to work.
I am going to excersice daily,
even if its for only 30 mins I am going to do it, ( I plan on losing a much as I can) also
I am planning on getting Zumba ( have u heard of it, click on Zumba and it will take u to the site)
and now that I have my C.N.A I am going to find me a great job and be a Nurse.
I will keep up updated on how everything goes. :)


José said...

congratulations! You will make it work in every aspect of your life :-)

Tangos Treasures said...

Wahoo!! Good luck with getting it all together!
Cheering you on!!

Clara said...

Great work and you are inspiration for the rest of us to get going and accomplish what we want and need to. Congratulations on your new start and the fantastic attitude.

marlene rodrigues said...

Hi Marie!
I wish you every success in this new phase of your life!


Marie said...

thank you ladies for your wounderful support. :) Marie

Anonymous said...

like your give away the cakes. I'm following your blog .
Also i subscribe your newsletter

greetings Cathérine


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