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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing Jose and Giveaway Ends 1st Of October

Hello Everyone,

I feel honored to be a guestblogger at Marie's Cozy Corner. When I was five, my father taught me how to knit. A year after that one of my neighbours taught me how to crochet and I was just fascinated. I'm passionate about needlework ever since. I just love the feeling of the yarn slipping through my fingers building up the stitches creating the texture of the fabric it becomes. A great thank you to my father and my neighbour who took the time and the effort to teach me.

To me a project doesn't have to be something functional. I can be perfectly happy with a knitted or crocheted piece of fabric on the table in front of me just laying there.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to live up to my passions more, I felt that I needed to crochet and knit more. So I did.

I make small things that I usually don't design in advance. Whenever I feel like crocheting I start crocheting and the things just happen themselves (sounds vague? I know :-). This is how amongst others the little bags in my webshop come about. For the production off these bags I try to work together with elderly people such as my mother in law. She is almost eighty now and knows the art of crochet. I'm very happy with her. On my weblog  (dutch and english) I share issues concerning my webshop and all of my knitting and crocheting adventures. On my blog SYS (english) I would like to start a community about sock knitting. It seems like fun to me that passionate sock knitters from all over the world become a co- author on this blog to share our finished projects, favourite techniques and inspiration.

I'll add a some pictures to this story amongst others a mini hanging basket. I made it from a plastic ball that you find with the liquid detergent. I cannot give you a pattern yet, because I find it very difficult to write down my every step in the crocheting proces (yes, it just happens :-).

What I can offer you is two lovely give aways.

First of all this low- calory crochet pastry can be yours if you become a follower to one of my blogs (or both if you like)

Second of all you can win a lovely little crochet bag if you subscribe to my newsletter (which will be in english aswell soon) on I guess this is going to be a bit of a challenge to you because it's all in dutch ;-). please leave a comment in my guestbook which model and what color you like best. On the first of october I'll select the winners.

That's it from me now. Love to see you in my store, on my blog or at the sock knitting community!

thank you jose for being a guest blogger, I am heading over to enter those giveaways and I hope you do too. when I posted this early today the links were not working, they are now so hope on over and become a follower, sign up for her newletter and leave a comment in her guestbook... Good Luck....Marie


Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I tried to go to the blog but I think the link isnt working.

José said...

Hi Marie,
The links are working now. Thank you!

Corina said...

I like that cakes, can you tell me where I can find the pattern?

Marie said...

Corina u can enter the giveaway to get them. or u can contact jose over on her blog and see if she would give u the pattern. Marie

lindevrouw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lindevrouw said...

I like your give away the cakes. I'm following your blog and put your link on my blog! Also i subscribe your newsletter. Joke


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