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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dancing Queen

  Since October of 2011 I have been attending LDS Mid-Single's Activities in the Utah County area. I have been having tons of fun making new friends. Every Friday and Saturday there is a dance, and after every dance my body is sore and tired, but feels so good. I am never in want of a partner (for those of you who know Jane Austen!) I have received lots of comments like "Your an amazing dancer", ":Your beautiful". and about every dance some guy is telling me that he has been trying to dance with me but has not been able to since I have been so busy dancing and been asked to dance by so many. Even though I am getting loads of attention at dances I still have not gotten anyone to ask for my number. I have gone on one date and that was back in February it just did not work. the guy was nice but there was just nothing there. I thought I would post a little about all the fun I have been having and share. (and to let you all know that Yes I am still alive :)

  Here is my latest picture. this was taken in June of this year.
Me and My Gal Pal's at the New
City Creek Mall In Salt Lake City

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Tangos Treasures said...

Yay for you on getting out!! I haven't reached that point yet :(


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