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Sunday, August 29, 2010

joining at the end of a row!

1. Partially work the last stitch of the previous row before the new yarn is to begin. Work the stitch until it has two loops on the hook.

2. Wrap the new yarn, from the back to front, around the hook in the same way as for previous stitches.

3. Drea teh hook beackward, pulling a loop of the new yarn through the two loops and onto the hook.

4. Working your turning chain and then turn your work. Lay the two tails of yarn along the top of the percious row.

5. Take the hook through the first stitch in the usual manner.

6. Work the stitch in the usual manner, enclosing the tails within the stitch

7. work several more stitiches, enclosing the tails in the same manner.

8. Trim the taisl of yarn close to the last worked stitch

9. Continue to the end of the row

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