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Monday, August 30, 2010

Introducing Marlene Rodrigues from Pontinhos Meus with a Cross stitch Pattern

My name is Marlene Rodrigues, i´m 32 years old. I´m from Braga, Portugal and worked until recently as a technique of economics/management.

Right now, I'm at home and use my time doing some of my favorite things, like cross-stitch, Arraiolos and more recently crochet and knitting. Besides the love for reading.

I have a blog since 2007 called "pontinhos meus" that means " my stitches" where I start to publish  my cross stitcht patterns and now I usually post all my craft works. And a few post about me and my experiences, family, travels and some photos.
Here are some of my works in cross stitch:

in Arraiolos (Portuguese tapestry):
and in knitting and crochet:

Since my 15 years I work in cross stitch and Arraiolos for sale and some works are just made to order. But only recently I decided to put some of them on sale online. I create a shop online called "pontinhos meus Shop". 

This cross stitch pattern I made specially  for Marie Cozy Corner blog´s readers.
I hope you enjoy it!


1 comment:

Big Mama said...

Wow. I live in SO Utah too.
I love the cross stitching. There needs to be more craft blogs and less giveaway site for sure! (Although, I love a good giveaway!)
Christmas time is coming...I think your planting a seed for socks!


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