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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Wow! Its already July, and I have no posts ready. I really need to get on top of it.
Lately, as you all have noticed I have been doing polls for my next crochet project, and the results are
a Square Table Cloth. I have picked out the table cloth pattern. Its vintage and I love it. I am going to have to make me one. Anyways, with taking my C.N.A class this summer, working and other things that just keep coming up I have not had the time to order the yarn for this project. So, I will order the yarn in the next couple of weeks and get started on it.

Right now, I have been asked to make a baby blanket for a co-worker for her granddaughter who is having a baby girl this next month. Its a cute blanket and as soon as I get it finished I will post pictures.

I also thought that I would let you all know how I am doing in my class.
I have taken 9 test and another one tomorrow that I still need to prepare for.
 here are my score's so far...

Chapters Test
Ch 1-6 -  88%
Ch 10-13 ( I have not gotten the results back yet)
Ch 9/14/15//19 ( have not gotten the results back yet)
Ch 16-18 (have not gotten the results back yet)
Ch 20-21  I got 38/44 -6  ( I don't know what % that is but the score looks good so I am happy )

Abbreviations test
1- 100%
2- 98%
3- (don't know yet)
4- 96%

So, hopefully I am passing.

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