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Monday, August 24, 2009

When did Crochet begin?

Why crochet did not show up until the 19th century could
probably be explained by the fact that people at the time
preferred more economical fabric-creating techniques.

Crochet uses an enormous amount of thread to produce pieces of
fabric which were much more economically produced by the
techniques of netting, sprang, nalbinding or knitting.

It was while Ireland was developing its lace industry that the
US took up crocheting. It soon became a household activity
was loved by many American settlers.

While sewing was considered a function, crochet was
entertainment. When America went to World War II in 1941,
was no such thing as time and innovation for fashion, so the
was to make it short and sweet.Crochet was
therefore saved for special things like a touch of lace.

When the war ended, crochet was back in the limelight and women
turned it into a hobby to create luxuries they desired:
tablecloths, edgings for pillowcases, handkerchiefs and towels.

into something more ambitious and non-traditional. All of a
sudden, all kinds of finished fabrics were arriving at the
scene, manifestations of the innovation fever that
the wealthy period that the US was experiencing. Since this
time, 21st century crochet has had a different face, a new

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