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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Mother

Maryetta Elizabeth Henderson
was Born to Mary and Jack Henderson in Henderson, Neveda.

My Mother was the oldest Daughter of Mary and Jack Henderson, she was Loved by all her brothers and one sister. She married Gail L. Rowley when she was a young lady of the age of 16 years. They had Four Children, Me (Marie), Julia, Adam and Donny.

She Divorced Gail Rowley in 1990 around the time that she had Donny. She finally re-married several years later to Clair Dorius of Fayette, Ut. She then had James Dorius and Marilyn Victoria Dorius who was still born Oct 10, 1999.

Maryetta Died in 2000, January 20th, in a car accident.Its been Ten years now since she passed, and I still miss her.

Some Great Things about MY MOTHER

Her Favorite Color is Purple.

she was a big fan of the Osmonds, mostly Donny and Marie.

she was such a great big fan that she named her oldest Marie and her youngest Donny.

She loved life, she always looked for adventure, I remember her taken us to the national parks to camp and go hiking on the weekends, it was loads of fun.

She loved to dance, she would always turn the music up really loud and open the windows and call us children in the front room where we would dance with the windows open and every one could see in.

She loved going to the Temple, every chance she got she would go to the Manti Temple...It was her favorite place besides being home with her children.

She loved the Lord and the Gospel, she taught and lived by it..and she Dreamt of the Day when she would be able to see all her children go throught the temple with their partner.

I was planning on Posting this on Mother's Day but as you can tell I a am a couple of Months late.

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