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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

33 Goals for 2014 (Updated 3/10/2014)

Hopefully I will be able to achieve all of these or at least more then half of them. I want 2014 to be a great year.

1. lose 70 pounds (I have lost 7 pounds so far this year) 
2. Get a job in my field of work (office administration)
3. pay off Medical bills
4. Save up to $3000 in account.
5. Get a new car
6. Go on a weekend trip
7. Visit with family (who live out of state)
8. Hike as many trails in Utah as I can this summer
9. Pay my sister and brother in law back.
10. Blog more
11. get a boyfriend (Wahoo! I have a Boyfriend, was not thinking that is one would come true but it did) 
12. Learn how to sew ( I want to make some skirts)
13. Go to a Concert
14. Take a cooking class
15. Visit Sun dance in park city
16. go to an Opera
17. shopping spree for new clothes after losing 70 pounds
18. rent a cabin for the weekend
19. Learn to Fish
20.Get a massage
21. Stop drinking soda and drink more water
22. go to social events other then dances and firesides
23. listen to conference talks (at least one conference session each month) (So, far I have listen to about 4 conference talks, I need to work better on this one, but feeling good)
24. Learn a new language
25. Plan my sister's baby shower (Have the date sit and just needing more money to get things together)
26.  Meet someone famous
27. Sing a Solo ( I didn't sing a solo but I sang a duet at my nephews baptism this year, does that count? )
28. Crochet a baby blanket for sister
29. Volunteer
30. Learn to make bread
31.Attend a masquerade.
32. talk to at least Three new people ever singles event (activity)
33. go on 10 dates ( I have gone on 6 Dates so far with my boyfriend so I am sure that I will be able to cross this goal off soon) 

1 comment:

Iesadora said...

I love your list!!! A lot of those would be on my list if I was a resolution/goal list making person. Good luck in conquering your list, although I don't you need it ;)


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