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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

This year I know amazing things are going to happen the reason why I know is because I am going to find every opportunity and take it. I love this quote by President Monson:
so here is the path that I choose: 
and the following do not have to happen in order. 

Start Blogging More 
In 2011 I did not blog as much as I should of and this year I plan on doing more blogging and more fun. 
I want to volunteer my time at hospitals, assistant living facilities, senior center's, soup kitchens 
and helping the homeless. 

Have my own place to live 
Pretty much explains itself....

Lose weight 

get down to a size 16. 
and how I am going to achieve that is by doing 
( updated: 1/20/2012, I joined a Zumba class and love it, I go every monday, tuesday, thursday and Saturday, hoping that the pounds will start coming off) 
Attend the Temple 
I plan on going to the temple once a month or as often as I can. 
Go visit family and historical sites through out Utah 

 Start Dating
and Meet 
(notice that prince charming is Gerald Butler),
 okay so prince charming
does not have to be Gerald Butler however 
it would not hurt if he looked like him. 

so, there you go
 my plans for 2012 
there are many other things that I would love to do 
however this post is getting way to long 
so I will post the rest another day. 

as Cinderella would say: 
A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes


Tangos Treasures said...

Those are all great goals & I wish you well in all of them!! My goal for 2012 is to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)so I hope it works for me!!

Hello and welcome... said...

I love how specific your list is! I want to try Zumba this year too. Anything that makes me forget I'm excercising is for me! Happy New Year!


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