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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dance in the Rain~

this thought is for sure 100% True. with life you never know what is going to happen. Since I have moved up to Northern Utah its been an advernture. I started out with Two part time jobs, ( which to say that they are really don't feel like part time jobs since it is only a few hours here and there). anyways, about two weeks ago on my way home I was got in a hit and run. I was stopped at a red light and I was looking in my rearview mirror and I saw a white pt crusier coming at me fast. I remember holding on the the steering wheel and praying that I would be okay. the pt crusier hit me hard. the back of my head hit the head rest and I had a bad headache for about a few hours afterwards. anyways the white pt crusier after it hit me back up and took off onto the highway. needless to say I was mad and very upset. so, I pulled my car over to the nearest gas station and called the police and filled a report. I have not hear anything and most likely won't since I was not able to get a plate number. then a few days later I got a call for a interview for a job at a skill nursing facility. I went to the interview and I got the job. I was so exicited. I needed a pick me up after my accident. so, now I have three part time jobs I am hoping that soon I can turn at least one of those part time jobs in to a full time job and not have to worry so much. anyways when it rains it pours and it sure has the last several days here. I am glad to see the sun shine. Have a wonderful week! and don't forget to dance in the Rain.

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