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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Show In Town

                                ( In a deep announcer's voice)
   Welcome To Marie's Cozy Corner

Today's show is going to be about 
how she is losing weight and feeling great. 

                        Ladies and gentlemen I am proud
                       to present to you ... Marie Rowley...
Crowd goes wild! 
277 pounds

Thank you, Mr. Announcer.
(you didn't know I had one did you?)
Wow! I want to send a shout out to all my Fans out there who have been stopping by and 
reading about my progress on my weight loss. Thank you!

The last two weeks have been a struggle for me. My weight has been going up and down
and it feels like I am riding a roller coaster.
I had not been getting the results that I wanted. however, I need to be honest, that during those two weeks I did little exercise and didn't stay on top of how many calories I took in.

In the last two weeks I have learn two very important lesson's both of them from my sister. ( who was not able to appear on today's show), My sister has lost about 50 pounds since she started her weight loss journey so getting advice and help from her I had to listen. Here they are:

She told me about how fiber can help you lose weight, I didn't believe her
so she told me to try counting my fiber for one day and see what happens. so, I did and guess what she was right.. the next morning when I weight myself I was down three pounds. ( I know amazing) and since then I have been counting my fiber along with my calories daily.

She told me that I needed to come up with a plan, a list that would help me on my journey and what I wanted out of it. so, with her help I made one,
I read my plan everyday.
(click on the link)

        Today's Weight In is: drum roll please!
     268 pounds
                                  Starting weight: 290
                                  Total weight loss: 22 pounds.

Well, that's it for today....
See you all next time.


Julie said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful plan! Good health is a great thing to give yourself, keep up the great work.

crazymotheringchick said...

Congratulations! Great job!

Anonymous said...

You have a great plan!! I myself need to lose over 100 lbs. I have heart failure. I need to exercise more and eat less. I have started eating less and exercising a little more. I can breathe a little easier now too since the doc put me on heart meds. So now I need bootiful weather for walking. Glad you're doing great on your diet. Maybe I should start blogging my progress.

ShannonH said...

SHA BANG! Congrats woman! So nice to hear an update!! =) Totally inspiring!

Little Treasures said...

Wow! I am happy to see it's working!
Keep up the spirit and bring down the pounds!!

Marie said...

Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments. sending you my of luck on your weight loss journey..
also, if any of you would like to share your weight loss journey experiences and tips please feel free to email me. :)

Cheri said...

Hi - new crocheter and your newest follower!


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