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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Marie

I know you are struggling right now with your weight and there are times where you just feel like the work is for nothing. If I can give your any advice or encouragement Marie, its this.....take one day at a time, you can't change over night no matter how hard you want to. I know when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror that you wish you can see the change. Don't get down on yourself. Your a very beautiful woman and always have been your just hiding behind all the weight. I know when you were younger that you did not take care of yourself because you were scared of others hurting you. I know that it's scary for you, but Marie no one is hurting you. your hurting yourself by not taking care of your body and eating healthy. So, challenge you to lose 20-30 pounds by your Birthday January 16th.  If you will do that then as a reward I will buy you a new outfit. Best of Luck!
 Oct 2010 (this is my most recent picture of myself)
My weight In : 285
Pounds Lost: None, gained Two Pounds


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. It gets better!!

2busy said...

Don't get discouraged.

Tangos Treasures said...

I'm having a rough go at life myself right now too!
Praise God for all the good in our lives!

Clara said...

Please know there are lots of people out here in bloggerland holding your hand. This is the time to keep up the momentum and you can do it! Smile and keep at it! We care about you.

Annette said...

Dear Marie,
It's tough and I'm right there with you. Focus on the right choices you make instead of the wrong ones, no matter how small they are. Set small realistic daily goals, for example...drink 3 glasses of water instead of 2, eat 2 cookies instead of 6, dance to 1 song a day, etc. I personally, have to focus on one change at a time. When I try to do it all at once I fail miserably and feel guilty for screwing up yet again. We're in this together!!



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