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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shaping: Stepped decreasing at the end of a row

how to
1. work with required number of rows without decreasing. turn your work without working any turning chains.
2. take the hook, from frnot to back, through the first stitich of the previous row and wrap theyarn, from back to front, over the hook.
3. pull the wrap through both the stitch and loop on the hook.
4. One loop remains on the hook.
5. take the hook through the next stitch of theprevious row and complete the slep stitch as before.
6. continue working slip stitiches across the row until you have decreased the required number of stitches.
7. work the required number of turning chain for your stitich (but do not turn your work).
8. work stitches across the row. 9. if you wish to decrease at the opposite end, stop before the end of the row, leaving the required number of stitches unworked. 10. work your turing chain, turn your work and begin the next row.

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