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Monday, August 16, 2010

Introducing Marja along with a Circle Granny Square pattern

Hello you all, my name is Marja and I am living in the Netherlands. I am married with Hans. Together we have 4 children, one grandchild and one on it's way.
I do have a lot of hobby's crocheting, knitting, teddy bears, reading, running, cooking and a lot of other things too. You can all read about it on my blog Rosabears
Creating and making new teddy bears is my most pleased hobby. But when there is no inspiration and I want to do something where I don't have to think about other things, then there is my crocheting. That's why I call my chrochetwork my "therapeutic hobby". It gives me, just like gardening, a peacefulness feeling. And this granny pattern is great, because you can use 1 colour or more, and make it such as big as you want. With other colors it's just a whole different granny/plaid/cushion.
I hope I translate the pattern well, because English is not my mother language. But I did my best. When there are questions about the pattern please feel free to ask me about it, and I will try to help you.
slipstich =
double crochet = dc
single crochet = sc
Chain 6 slipstich and join to form a ring.
Round 1: 4  (count as 1 double crochet and 1 slipstich) * 1 double crochet into ring, 2 slipstich, repeat from * 6 times.
Join every round ( 8 spaces).
Round 2: 1 single crochet in space, 2 (first dc), 2 dc in first space, 2
* 3 dc in next space, 2 repeat from *
Round 3: 1 sc in space, 2, 1 dc, 2, 2 dc in same space, 1
* 2 dc, 2, 2 dc in next space, 1 sl. st. repeat from *
Round 4: 1 sc in place between two motifs, 2 sl. st., 1 dc, 2, 2 dc in same space (corner).
* 2, 1 sc in next space, 2, 1 sc in next space, 2 1 corner in next space ( 2 dc., 2, 2 dc) repeat from *
Round 5: 1 sc in corner space, 2, 1 dc, 2, 2 dc in same corner space.
* 1, 2 dc in next space repeat from * to corner space
1, 2 dc, 2, 2 dc in corner space etc.
Round 6 (and next rounds): the same as 5th round.
I made one in red/green and beige for my sister, green and beige for myself when it's cold outside and hide away with a good book on the couch. This I call the Giant Granny, because I repeat the 5 th. round may times until the measure is okay.
This one is laying on our bed, 400 granny's, I crochet for this one.
Two different colours beige make this plaid fitting in most interiors.
And even this one is the same pattern. Multi color blue.
I came across Marja's amazing blog and just fell in love with her creations. I know you will to.
Thank you Marja for being my guest blogger today! I look forward to all the new creations
 that you post in your blog. I hope that you go over to her blog and check it out.

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Rosabears said...

Hello Marie, I want to thank you for posting my guestpost. It was nice to do, and I feel honoured that you have asked me for this and your nice words about my blog.
It was great to do.
Thanks a lot.
greetings and have a great week.


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