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Friday, May 14, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much for the Award Coffey house, I am so glad that I recently came across your blog on Friday follows. So, to recieve this award I have to do the following.
1. thank the person who gave me the award.... (check)
2. Share Seven things about Myself... okay, here goes.
    1. I have shot a gun. however, I am against them.
    2. I have fallen off of a horse and gotten back on, plus I am scared of them.
    3. I am planning on becoming an C.N.A, nurse's assistant, but I can't stand blood.
        (makes one think huh?) Class's started June 7-July 22nd
    4. I am scared of heights, but I have gone on the Rocket...not once but Twice.....   
        and I cried both times.
    5. I kill my car all the time. I am always leaving the ligths on, sometimes
       when the weather does not require lights to be on in the first place...I need a clapper for my car
     6. I am a big fan of Donny and Marie, those who have been my followers for awhile would of noticed the christmas card that I did with my brother last year. I can't wait for the opporunity to see them in person.
       7. I love to watch cartoons. I am always watching cartoons with my nephews.

3. pass this award to 15 blogger's who I have just discovered and that I think are fantastic.
    so, in the next couple of days I will post those winners.

1 comment:

coffeyhouse said...

you're welcome- you are great! :)


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