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Monday, March 22, 2010


Cro-tatting combines needle tatting with crochet. The cro-tatting tool is a tatting needle with a crochet hook at the end. One can also cro-tat with a bullion crochet hook or a very straight crochet hook. In the nineteenth century, "crochet tatting" patterns were published which simply called for a crochet hook. One of the earliest patterns is for a crocheted afghan with tatted rings forming a raised design.

 Patterns are available in English and are equally divided between yarn and thread. In its most basic form the rings are tatted with a length of plain thread between them, as in single shuttle tatting. In modern patterns, beginning in the early twentieth century, the rings are tatted and the arches or chains are crocheted. Many people consider cro-tatting more difficult than crochet or needle tatting. Some tatting instructors recommend using a tatting needle and a crochet hook to work cro-tatting patterns. Cro-tatting is most popular in Japan.


Margie Widgeon said...

following you back from friday follow. thanks for following...looking foward to checking in on your blog

Joy said...

Thanks for following me from Marketing Mondays! I like to crochet too and have always wanted to learn more about Tatting..and it looks like there's some great stuff on your blog I can learn from! Looking fwd to it! Thx!


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