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Friday, May 28, 2010

Different Types of Bobbin Lace

Many styles of lace were made in the heyday of lacemaking (approximately the 1500s-1700s) before machine-made lace became available. Some well-known types of bobbin lace are:
  • Honiton - A very fine English lace with many flowers
  • Torchon - Well-known for its variety of beautiful, often geometric grounds
  • Cluny - Flowers, braids and picots (tiny loops of thread) make this light and delicate
  • Bedfordshire lace (Beds) - this has flowing lines and picots (to foil the machines)
  • Bucks point Buckinghamshire lace - very "lacy" with characteristic hexagon ground and often with a gimp thread (a heavier thread worked through for emphasis)
  • Mechlin, a fine, transparent Flemish lace known for its floral patterns, fine twisted-and-plaited, hexagonal ground, and outlined designs
  • Valenciennes, a French bobbin lace with a net-like background originating in the 18th century
  I will post about each one in the coming weeks.

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