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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First Turkey

  • The day before Christmas My Sister informs me that I was in charge of making the turkey this year. I then reminded My sister that I had never in my 29 years have ever cooked a Turkey. Her reply: Its a good time to learn, you better get on the computer and look up a recipe. So, I did and I find one with in a few minutes of looking. One that I liked anyways. I wrote down the stuff that I needed and headed to the store. All awhile thinking that no matter what kind of recipe I was doing I was not sure that the turkey would turn out good let 
  • alone eatable. Christmas Eve I prep the turkey and set my alarm. 


At 6 am, rubbing my eyes open I slowly walked into the kitchen turned on the light and carefully pulled the turkey out of the refrigerator reminding my self not to brake the glass shelve (I had just recently broke and replaced a few weeks before) and placing it on the stove. I finished glazing the turkey placed it in the oven, said a quick pray asking the lord to help me not burn it or anything else, set the timer, turned off the light and went back to bed. Now, the question everyone is asking is did she look in the living room to see all the present under the tree..... Of Course  :) 

    • Christmas Morning around 9 am the Turkey was done, I pulled the turkey out of the oven and we all feel in love not only did it look good however it smelled good too. We ended up piecing on it throw out the day and even the Cats enjoyed the left overs. 
    • (Only thing is I did not get a Picture, Sorry!) 

    • Here is the Recipe I used Just Click 

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      José said...

      Hi Mary,
      I sent you something in oktober. Did you get it?
      Greetz José


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