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Monday, October 5, 2009

Tips for Choicing Your Yarn

Here are some tips that will help you identify the best kind of crochet thread for your project:
1. Decide on the kind of material the thread is made of
One of the most frequently used crochet thread is the one that is made up of cotton. There reason behind this great preference is that it is very durable and can last even a decade! Best of all, cotton crochet thread are so easy to wash.
Synthetic crochet threads are nice as well because of its luster, but nothing more than that. Besides, they are difficult to wash, so you probably would not even consider buying this kind of thread.
2. Know the different types of crochet thread
In crocheting, there are only five major types of crochet thread. These are the worsted weight, baby or the fingering type, bulky, sport, and chunky. Each classification has its own unique "weight" or thickness. Among the five types, fingering has the finest weight.
If ever you get to notice the word "ply" in the yarn label, this refers to the amount of the strands that were entwined together to materialize the yarn.
3. Always start with a "beginner's thread" when you are just starting to crochet
It is always better to start with a bigger thread size when you are just starting to make a crochet. Usually, the bigger the size of the thread, the better.
As you advanced\ to the next level, try to use some of the finer types. This will enhance your skill.
4. Know the ideal thread
If you are already on that level where you have made some crochet patterns, it is now time for you to try the advanced level. Here, the ideal thread that you must use are those that have finer strands when it comes to thickness.
Using this type of thread will give your work an impression of a refined finished product because of its feebleness.
5. Always have an extra ball of crochet thread or yarn
When buying crochet thread, it is always important to have an extra ball of thread. After all, you would not want to come to an end before you can even your work. This is especially applicable to the colored yarns. The point here is that colored threads may differ if not bought at the same time. It must be acquired on the same "dye-lot." Slight difference in color can really ruin your work.
When using the white-colored thread, it does not pose so many problems because you can always start with it anytime.
6. Never go for the cheap ones
In crochet, getting a cheaper quality of crochet thread may only ruin the total appearance of your work. Hence, it would be better to choose the best quality of crochet thread to ensure the quality of your work. It is as simple as that.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog! I'm a knitter! However, wonderful explanation of thread! The same can be applied to yarn. I love bulky for a lot of things, but am using some aim trying some really find stuff now.

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Great explanation. Wish I could knit or crochet or anything like that!


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