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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Molding Tips for Blocks, Dollies and other projects

Assemble everything before hand.

  • Have all items covered with plastic wrap before dipping your piece in fabric solution.
  • Confine your work to a small area.
  • Only mold one or two items at a time.
  • Use a container with a spout, so excess solution can be poured back into the bottle.
  • Only use as much solution as necessary for molding.
  • Have paper towel and soap dampened washcloth available.
  • Clean up as you work.
  • Take your time!

Have everything ready to go, including letting family members know that you can not be disturbed. Cover everything with wrap before dipping your piece in any solution. Have a washcloth handy so you can wipe the solution from your hands while you work. Be sure to have rust proof pins laid out on prepared work surface so you can grab them with a minimum of effort. If using commercial brands or glue and water stiffeners, wipe the dregs from your container with a papertowel immediately after saturating your piece, and wash. Remember with plumbing it's important that excess solution be wiped from your containers with papertowel and thrown in the trash. Above all else, take your time and enjoy the process. Ensure the piece is even at all angles. It's important to take your time and be accurate.
Don't let impatience ruin your work.

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