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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dollies, Tablecloths, Runners & Toppers

  • To display, don't place items in direct sunlight as this will eventually cause bleaching. Be careful that what is placed on top of your crochet will not snage or tear it.

  • Launder doilies by hand using a mild detergent and cool water. Never twist or wring the piece when squeezing out excess water. Shape as recommended in original pattern instructions. For Tablecloths, bedspreads or larger items, place in a mesh bag designed for fine garments. Launder on gentle cycle using a mild detergent, cool water and fabric softener, if desired. These items can usually be placed in the dryer on a very low setting until just damp. Then stretch out over a covered area such as your bed, table etc. Straighten the design and allow to dry. Some larger items may need to be pressed after laundering. The easiest method is to stretch these items out on a large surface such as your bed. Cover with a handkerchief and press on the wrong side using a cool iron setting. Instead of rearranging the piece on your ironing board, you'll need an extension cord so you can work around the bed as you press.

  • To store, fold clean lace and place in a box or drawer wrapped in clean linens. Moth balls or sachets are recommended for storing these items over a period of time.

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