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Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Do You Put In Your Notebook?

Whatever notes you need to take you from inspiration to actual garment.
it's helpful to include the following:

Project name, along with issue information and page numbers for the project you are working on.

For any edgings or motifs, include book information, with pattern and page.

Yarn information, including brand, color, dye lot, and fiber information. You can just attach the label to the page.

Amount of yarn used for final project. If you have leftover yarn, write down where you stashed it so you can find it for future repairs or alterations.

Sketches and/or schematics.

Photographs or clippings of inspirational projects.

Alteration notes, including changes in the number of stitches or changes in measurements.

A photograph of the completed project.

If you give the project as a present, include the name and the date given (and be sure to give the recipient washing instructions from the yarn label).

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