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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I wanted to update my information that I have on my blog about me.

I am a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I love my Faith. I am just grateful for all the lord has given me these past two in a half years that I have been living in Utah. before then I lived in Tucson with family members and my husband. I lived in Tucson for about seven years. most of those years has been growing up and others not growing at all. I fail away for the chruch around 2002 and stopped going because of my own selfish reason's. I thought that everyone was looking and pointing fingers but in reality it was me who was doing the pointing at myself. I did not attend chruch all the time, in Tucson I would go with my Aunt and Uncle ever so often thinking that if i went once in awhile then I would be okay. But in the end not only did I end up hurting my self by not listening and doing the things that I know I should of been doing but hurting those that loved me. For that I am truely sorry for. I have learned my lesson, I am so grateful for the love of the lord and that I have been able to come back unto the lord. I am now a full memeber and I attend every sunday even when I am working the night before I always go even if I am late. I love going. I love my family so much.

throught out the years I also have not been taken care of myself in a healthy way. I am obese and that is going to change. I weight 260 pounds. yes, I typed it on my blog. maybe if I posted how much I weight then I will be wanting to change that to a lower amount and work to get to my goal more faster. I am starting a 12 week program starting next week. I am looking forward to doing it and can't wait until it starts. I will post about how I am doing once a week.

Thank you all for the love and support.

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Carol said...

Remember you are special. I have learned this through your blog. So, do what you must and be proud. Every step to feeling good is one closer to God. I am Catholic and also love my faith. Arn't we lucky. or should I say blessed.


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