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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Create a Crochet Journal

Things You'll Need:

3-ring binder 3-hole punch (optional)

Zipper pencil bag

Page protectors

Printer (optional)

Page dividers Word-processing program (optional)

Step 1-Purchase a 3-ring binder with a spine at least 2 inches wide so that you will be able to fit all of your projects and lists in your crochet journal. Purchase the other supplies listed in the materials section to assemble the crochet journal.

. Step 2-Assemble the documentation, instructions and pictures you have of all of your planned or completed crochet projects. If you are able, print out any instructions and pictures for crochet projects from web pages that you have saved. Punch holes in these papers with the 3-hole punch if necessary

Step 3-Separate your instructions, pictures and documentation into projects you have completed, projects you are currently working on and projects you want to start.

Step 4-Write "Planned Projects," "Current Projects," "Completed Projects," "Project Gallery," "Notes" and "Inventory" onto the tabs of the page dividers. Add any other page divider titles that fit your own unique needs and desires for your crochet journal. Place the page dividers into the 3-ring binder.

Step 5-Place the paperwork that you have collected into the proper sections within the page dividers in the 3-ring binder.

Step 6-Print out any pictures you have of completed projects, and place them into the page protectors. Place these pictures within the "Project Gallery" section of the binder.

Step 7-Type out a list of the crochet inventory you have, punch holes in this list, and place this in the "Inventory" section. This will make it very easy to know what materials you have on hand when you want to start a new project. Be sure to keep this list up to date.

Step 8-Add some loose-leaf paper in the "Notes" section for jotting down notes to yourself in your journal.

Step 9-Place your crochet hooks, a few pens and other small tools in the zipper bag, and place the zipper bag in the 3-ring binder.

Step 10-Print out a pretty picture and insert it into the sleeve in the cover of the 3-ring binder.

Step 11-Print out your name and the title of your journal with your word-processing program, if desired. This can be slipped into the sleeve of the spine of the 3-ring binder or placed on the cover.

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