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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crochet: a Craft for the Rich

At one time crochet was considered for the wealthy only, for lavish decor in the home and dress. The poor folk were expected to stick with knitting basic needs such as socks and clothing and not dally around with experimental crochet. Angry words were published in magazines from the wealthy stating the lower class should stick to making necessities rather than fancy items that was not their place to wear or display.

  • The poor to middle class lashed back as to their rights to use crochet as they pleased. Can you imagine today, someone telling us we should not use a particular craft because of our financial background? Much of this idea stemmed from fear the servants would be spending time crocheting when they should be working at the employer's home. Because crochet samples can not be found among the many needlework methods taught in schools of the past, it is surmised crochet was left out because of the danger of experimentation and foolery.

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