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Monday, January 5, 2015

A Review of 2014!

If I could only describe 2014 in one word.....that word would be.....Unexpected. 
Here is a list of things that Happened in 2014 -

January - I was thinking that I was a kid again and went roller skating, while roller skating I fall several times and on the last fall, I popped my left knee. ending up in the ER for several hours waiting for the results. only to find out that I needed to go and see a specialist to figure out what was wrong with my left knee. 

February - on Feb 16th, I started talking with a great guy on a dating website called POF, which for a person who is LDS, its hard to find anyone in my religion. after being on the website for several months, I finally meet a great guy and started talking to him. after a few days of talking this amazing man, named Scott Mills asked me out on a date. I was so excited. I remember running out of my room calling for my sister and telling her that I just got asked out for a date that same night and that I needed help picking out an outfit. 
Scott came down from Salt Lake to Provo and we meet at the BYU Creamery for ice cream on the 18th of Feb. at 10 pm at night. I remember as I walked across the street towards scott, I was so shocked. he was so handsome and I was getting weak in the knees. oh, and at this time I was off of crutches and wearing a leg brace on my left knee. and by the end of feburary, scott and I were dating ( and I was already dreaming of our wedding....I know crazy but I had fallen head over heals in love with scott). 
3rd Date 

March - In March, I finally introduce Scott to my sister and her family. its seemed like everyone just got along right away. pretty magical. by March, I was also still wearing a brace, and I had fallen a few more times doing more damage to my left knee. 

April - got to love April Fools, Scott and I though I would be funny to post on Facebook that we were engaged and within the first couple of hours there were so many likes and comments of congratulations. some even asked if it was for real since it was posted on April Fools. it was fun. but no, we weren't really engaged. but we had started talking about it. by this time I had meet Scott's children and some of his family. 

May - Since Scott and I had been talking about getting engaged. I told Scott that May 19 would be the best day to propose. dropping the date several times. I wanted that date because it was my mothers birthday and she was no longer alive and my sister was proposed to by her husband on that date as will. I thought it would be a nice memory create on her birthday since she was no longer with us. He did propose on May 19th and included my sister and her family. 
June - on the 2nd of June I finally had knee surgery on my left knee. It took several weeks to heal and I was on crutches for the whole month.

August - On the 23rd of August Scott and I got Married. On that day, I became a wife and a step mother. 
it was the most amazing beautiful wedding ever. I got to dance at my wedding, with no crutches. that was nice. 

so the rest of this year I have been getting use to being a wife and a step mother. 
I am hoping that this next year will be full of joy and fun and loads of learning 
experiences as I learn my new role as Wife and Step Mother. 

That's my year review of 2014. 
I hope yours was just as unexpected as mine was and 
that this new year is full of Adventure. 

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